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Sunday, June 06, 2004

President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's the same week as my husband, but lived three years longer. My family and the Reagan family walked similar paths for many years. The following sites have published appropriate words, which I can not muster tonight.
~ Indigo

An outstanding tribute from the United Kingdom can be found here.

Outside the Beltway features pictures and links here.
Thanks to Accidental Verbosity for the heads-up.

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LaShawn Barber has this meaningful comment from Elizabeth:

I'll be showing my age, here, La Shawn, but here goes....

I had the great privilege of serving in the Navy during President Reagan's tenure. While I was in Recruit Training, the Iranian Islamic extremists took our embassy and held our hostages. Jimmy Carter spent the rest of his presidency seemingly immobilized when it came to getting our people back. Then President Reagan was elected and the Islamic fanatics decided that this might NOT be such an easy mark. Thirty three minutes after Ronald Reagan spoke his inaugural oath of office came the word that our hostages were being returned to us. And it was all uphill, from there.

He got those of us in the military off of food stamps. I was an E3 Air Controlman and I got an 18.5% pay raise. My E6 husband got about a 14% raise. Our airplanes suddenly had parts. Our squadrons suddenly had fuel for training flights. We had many structural improvements made to our air station. Work spaces modernized, facilities and operational equipment updated, barracks renovated, new housing built. After many dark years in which it was very nearly a shameful thing to be a member of our military, it became a thing of pride to wear the uniform of our country.

He saw our country as a shining city on the hill, and no matter how difficult and dark his first two years were, he asked us to give him a little time. He stayed the course until we saw "his" America. He pushed us with sheer force of personal will and his own optimism and enthusiasm into being the great country that he envisioned.

We were once again a beacon of hope for people around the world who lived in tyranny and oppression. Our economy flourished after a slow start. The "trickle-down" economics that everyone scoffed at began to work. Unemployment went from double-digits to just about what it is now. He bowed to no other country. He built our military strength and skill and capability.

His second inaugural address caused tears of joy and hope and pride across the country. His second term brought the Iron Curtain crashing down. Seemingly overnight, the insane threat under which we had lived for so long - the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction - was gone. Our children would not know the fear of growing up in the Cold War.

He was the greatest President of my lifetime and his wife has set a shining example of spousal devotion. My heart has broken for her many times in the last ten years, after Nancy Reagan let it be known that Ronnie didn't know her any more. But, she stayed in there, taking care of him herself, when she could easily have hired it done.

I loved them. I've cried all day today, as if I've lost a family member.

God bless his family.

God hold this precious man and let him have a look at how much he is loved and how much he has been missed. Let him see the appreciation for him from all over the earth.

Protect and comfort his family.
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