Indigo Insights

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
>^..^<  In one of his best pensive modes, Jack of Random Fate offers some thoughts about EXTREMISM:   "There is something fundamental that extremists on both the right and the left have in common. The farther you go out from the center, the more the assumption takes hold that all "reasonable" people think like you, or would if they were merely enlightened by some means."   More thought-prods here for open minds.  Read it all.   
>^..^<   Thanks to Jim, over at Smoke on the Water, for linking the way to Kim du Toit's treatise on "Two Americas" here. 
>^..^<  Dax Montana is back from his secret mission.  Finally.  Two words, Dax:  Just Damn! 
>^..^<  Rather read about nasturtiums than masturbation?   For a refreshing change of pace from in-your-face blogging to a laid-back bucolic ambience, visit The Moonmeadow Farm.   It's quite nice over there. 
SlagleRock could easily become an addiction.  His blog on TAPS yesterday was a public service, IMO.  The words, music, and story were taught when I was in grade school, but now even much of the military is unaware of the roots of TAPS.  Good for you, SlagleRock.  Git 'er done!  
>^..^<  and yes, I know the PUSSYFOOTIN' icon is in the wrong place, but obviously SlagleRock has coded his name to allow no PUSSYFOOTIN' beside it!
>^..^<  If you really and truly, seriously and positively need to keep something secret, don't let it fall into the hands of a redneck!    
>^..^<  What an idiot the poet Langston is - as quoted at the Sailor's sandbox!  (not Iraq, but a reasonable facsimile, temp-wise)  "Goodbye, Christ Jesus, Lord, God, Jehova, Beat it on away from here now."  Please, Langston, one should really know how to spell the names of the deities before referring to them in print.  It's JEHOVAH, Infidel!!