Indigo Insights

Saturday, July 03, 2004
Thought I'd be taking a 4th of July break, but fireworks jumped out of my Mail Box this morning that demand a post!!!

Welcome another GOC to Blogworld! The GOC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has launched his blog: Obnoxious Droppings. Watch this one, fellow bloggers! I predict a big hit (of hits!) real soon. Just out today, so maybe this former Marine will get comments and e-mail addy up ASAP and you other Marines can kibitz! And the rest of us too! He introduces himself as "twisted" -- YEAH! Just what we like!!! Here's a sample paragraph.

" I hope you'll find that nothing is sacred here - I'll happily poke fun at anything or anyone that I think deserves it. Politically I have a somewhat conservative bent (bent? twisted?) that I chalk up to my background as a Marine, a Soldier and a Police Officer. All of these professions tend to put you in touch with some of the more odious levels of civilization and can leave you with a real attitude problen. But it's just a little attitude and it's much too small to be let out on its own! "

Git 'er done, GOC W-S, and welcome aboard!