Indigo Insights

Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's a night like any other night. Settling down time for the household after all have had their evening meals. The dogs have run and are sleeping. The cats have washed their faces and are snuggled down in their individual favorite spots on my bed. In a rare run of luck, the laptop is functional and is on the bed with the critters and me, ready for the nightly blog surfing. A typical evening at the Indigo house, but the quiet, tranquil ambiance of the bedroom belies the frenzy of the day. The Day of Charley.

There will be no sleep for me tonight in the foreseeable future hours, with the television images of Charley's path fresh in my mind. I am safe and comfortable, but in the wake of former hurricanes, I was not so fortunate. In a small way I am in tune with the suffering families in Florida tonight. I've seen my home in tatters, roof torn open, house half full of water, no power for a week in the hottest and most humid time of the year, trees lying over the property, other people's piers washed up in my yard and my own pier gone. The devastation following a direct hit of a hurricane is indescribable and neverending. The scars and damage to homes and property last for years. The financial ruin takes years to overcome as well. It's too horrible to imagine combining such shock and trauma with loss of life. In that horror I can not relate to Floridians tonight.

Please hold the people in Florida close to your hearts in prayer, meditation, or whatever you do to invoke spiritual strength for yourself and others. They need so much help and support now and for a long time to come.