Indigo Insights

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Michael King and LaShawn Barber on separation of church and state

Michelle Malkin and SayUncle on gun control or Jeff Soyer on gun clubs

Rivrdog on Employment Applications

Chuck on dog running, snakes and apostrophes

GOC I and GOC II on current events and being Grouchy Old Cripples

The Cajun on Louisiana politicians.

The Straight White Guy on the law of the jungle

Random Fate on The Power of Words (scroll)

Wizbang on memorializing Elvis with his grocery list

Laserlefty on leaving a house in order for Reality Check's return

Spudlets on Weekend TidBits

Boudicca on getting three sons Back To School

Acidman on honoring his friends

Thanks to these bloggers (as well as others on my Secret Squirrel blogroll) who keep on keeping on. while I just give up with frustration at the off again, on again online situation here at the Indigo House. So even if I don't have anything here for you in case you drop in, I do so appreciate your faithful contributions. Just wanted you to know that. CU whenever.