Indigo Insights

Sunday, October 17, 2004

When the evening shadows gather,
After all my work is through,
I can't keep my eyes from straying
To a photograph of you.

There it rests upon my table,
Just the way you looked that day.
Ah! It seems it was but yesterday
When I first heard you say

Words of love that made me happy,
And made all my dreams come true.
But - tonight, I'm all alone with
Just a photograph of you.

For one day our country called you,
And you so bravely answered "here"
Oh! I'm proud of you, my soldier,
Yet I brush away a tear -

'Cause I miss your cheery whistle,
Miss your footsteps on the stairs,
While I sit here dreaming - gazing,
At the photograph of you.

So I tiptoe to my window,
Kneel and wish upon a star,
As I pray to GOD to keep you safe,
No matter where you are.

Thus my heart is ever with you,
While I wait the long days thru,
And the dearest of all my treasures,
Is that photograph of you.

When the years have told their story,
And the world is once more free,
I'll be waiting for you,darling,
There will still be you and me.

Then we'll build our dreams together,
Hand in hand the long years thru;
But forever in my heart I'll hold
That photograph of you.

From Beatrice Lutzin, NY, 21 - to Sgt. Irving Simpson, 22

Written in WWII