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Saturday, October 09, 2004

But a wonderful week. Miss Edna (aka daughter) spent her Fall vacation with me here at the beach and it was super cool to have her. She's probably the "fishingest" woman you've ever heard of. Fishing is the reason for a Fall vacation and altho the timing was not perfect, inasmuch as the "spot run" is not in full swing yet, she did enjoy herself. I don't know how anybody -- anybody, especially a little 5'3" woman -- handles a big boat like she does, but she's like The Little Red Hen. She puts the boat in the water by herself, backs it up flawlessly by herself, parks her vehicle by herself, and then she and her dog go out to sea by themselves! Well, not very far out -- I hope! So while she didn't catch as many fish as she had hoped, she did have a fun time boating around with her dog. Maybe she'll be able to get down for a Saturday soon and get into the annual spot migration.

Thursday was the day Miss Edna hauled Old Ma around. Actually we only made three stops, but those were very time consuming and tiring. First stop was to my Dr.'s office for a "Conversation with the Vampire"! There was a new phlebotomist since my visit three months ago. First man that has "done me" (never mind the guffaws!). He was very nice, handsome, and extremely efficient. In the course of our chatter, he revealed that he was a retired Navy Corpsman. That was when I knew I'd be in good hands. He wasn't finding a vein too easily and remarked that my surface veins were not coming up strong but he felt one way down deep. I assumed that was a test and told him I was no wuss and to go for it. I said "This will be the proof of your pudding. If you can get the vein in a couple of sticks, the depth doesn't matter. But if you're going to poke the needle around 'looking', forget it." Like I said, I'm not a wuss, and my comment was more of a challenge than a sign of fear. Robert was his name, and if I should find myself in a war zone in need of an IV, he'd be who I'd call! Robert is a great stick man - and only one stick! Hope he's there the next time I go.

We had packed up part of the zoo before we left home because the next stop was the vet. It's almost impossibly difficult to get to the vet because her office is 18 miles away and I have to have a driver. Miss Edna, of course, was it today, but I won't have her when it's time to take them back. The visit was very long and exhausting inasmuch as everybody had to get ears cleaned out. Well, not Miss Edna and I, but everybody else. The Rottweiler doesn't like ear work. Nuff sed.

By the end of the vet visit, we had been away from home for over four hours. Our plan was to stop by WalMart and pick up a few things (one thing - a new mouse for the laptop, desperately needed!) but by then it was after 1:00 and we were needing sustenance, so we skipped WalMart and stopped for lunch. Not to worry, Animal Loving Bloggers, we left the air conditioning on in the van so the Rott and the cats would be comfortable. When we got back home, I entered the house through my bedroom door and it began to look like a sex scene from a movie, because as I progressed across the room, articles of clothing were dropped off as I headed for the bed! Yes, there would have to be some bed rest and some back heat after such an adventure. Within minutes, I was comatose!

So that was my week. How was yours?

You decide which goes to whom! heh

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