Indigo Insights

Sunday, October 31, 2004
That's all from me for Halloween except the Pussyfootin'™ cat is black today!


>^..^< Chuck has his annual Halloween literary treat up. Go take a look into the mind of an Alabama boy, growing up in the 50s. The tale is scary and so is the mind!

>^..^< Grouchy Old Cripple of Atlanta has posted a picture that is frightful. Graveyard with tombstones - I mean the whole 9. Grouchy Old Cripple of Winston Salem has some lovely Halloween pictures, which he may or may not post. So I'll tell you they are of 3 little Halloween princesses. GET 'EM UP, GOC II.

>^..^< SlagleRock has a timely warning. Check it out before sending your children out.

>^..^< Ramblings' Journal has a real horror story. Mike says "Monsters. That's the only term to describe such uncivilized individuals masquerading as human beings."

>^..^< Michelle Malkin thinks Kerry's scary. While Reality Check of Greene Thoughts fears a Bush win on Tuesday.

>^..^< Deuddersun expresses his Halloween thoughts with a picture.

>^..^< Serenity is serious about this Halloween stuff. Leave the lights on when you read her post.

>^..^< South Knox Bubba wins again this year for his presentation! He even included my picture, just to get a link from me! (YR!)

>^..^< Random Fate does not wax Halloween, but go over and read another of Jack's thoughtful posts.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, YA'LL. I have to go now and change the oil in my broom.