Indigo Insights

Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Learn Something New Every Day!

It took seven hours from beginning to end, but The Indigo Gal voted!!! Actually, "getting ready" to vote was the worse part. Had to get up early (almost two hours) in order to be sure all the pills had kicked in before leaving. A presentable appearance took about two more hours. (Had to wait for the magician to get here. He was late too!) At last we were ready to leave and Dee (Girl Friday who came on Tuesday for the occasion!) drove the van around and picked me up. We only had about one mile to drive to City Hall, but upon arriving discovered the polls had been moved! Who knew? Guess I shouldn't depend on the internet for all my news after all! The people inside the building told Dee that voting would be at "The Recreation Center" this year. (Yes, The Recreation Center. Remember that. It is germane.) Dee asked me where was the Recreation Center. I told her to my knowledge there was no recreation center in the little village of Cedar Point. I mean, this is not Raleigh! There is no WalMart even!! Heck, there isn't even a police department!! Law breakers (read: speeders) so rude as to disturb the peace are transported by a sheriff 25 miles over to the County Seat at Beaufort. Well anyhow, the personnel at the not-voting place told Dee "It's on Highway 58. Turn left at the light." OK.

After turning left and driving down Highway 58 until we were in the next town, Dee observed, "They must have meant OLD Highway 58! And the flashing light." We turned around and went back to the light where we had turned left and retraced the route to the flashing light. Still no signs, arrows, or indications anywhere that there would be any voting today! And not a hint of a Recreation Center. As we rounded a curve, up ahead we saw vehicles parked on each side of the highway (Old 58!) and quite a traffic jam. The "Vote For Joe Sixpack" signs started about there. We turned into the driveway to the place and there, finally, was a sign telling the world that we were at "The Community Building"!!! How that translated into The Recreation Center, I've not yet figured out. More culture shock!

The line outside snaked around and back out the driveway to a distance of what I would consider "first and goal". In the sun. At just about high noon. [aside: Everything is still air conditioned here!] There were five handicapped parking spaces right at the front door. Thankfully, one of them was empty. Dee and I went inside where about an additional 100 people were lined up. An "aide" went by, and since I was about on the 10-yard line, I tackled him! Almost. While waving my cane, I explained to him that I could not stand and would he be so kind as to direct me to a chair to sit and wait. He immediately found a chair for me. That was the good news. Then he told Dee (who was not voting) that she would have to stand in line in my place. That was the bad news. OK. So Dee went back to the end zone and I waited inside on the chair.

Designated "Poll Aides" were darting about, actually helping, and I was able to snag one after about 10 minutes. I asked her what was the estimated waiting time and, seeing the cane, she asked me if I had parked in one of the handicapped parking spaces out front. Yes. "Well, my dear," says she "you can go outside and wait in your vehicle and I will bring the paperwork to you for "Curbside Voting"!!! WELL, I NEVER!!! Fifteen minutes later, we were finished. And the outside snaking line had hardly moved up at all. So today I was a sea gull!! Here at the coast, that's much better than being a convertible! Thank you, Universe.