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Saturday, January 01, 2005

with Lynx

>^..^< There's something very special about Sam, and I've felt this since first knowing her. She may be one of BlogWorld's youngest bloggers, yet her writings attract a readership old enough to complain (gently) about her fonts' compatibility with "old eyes". And the sweet thang that she is, she tries to please us all. Thanks for your efforts for us seniors, Sam.

>^..^< Baldilocks says "Here's the Amazon Button for Asian Disaster Relief. Amazon donors have contributed nearly $7 Million as of today." UPDATE: Yippee-Ki-Yay! has the total as 10 million and rising. [Jan Egeland's email addy would be good about now. --Indigo]

>^..^< Check out the new site cats. iz. perverse.

>^..^< The feud (or farce) is apparently over. Acidman received an apology from the apostasy-ridden prelate just in time to avoid an aneurysm. (Guess who the patient would be?)

>^..^< La Shawn Barber is asking for reader input on her project "The Year of the Blog" - read all about it here. And BTW, Da Goddess is working on a photo project and also wants your opinion.

>^..^< This was Possum Man's Xmas present. But it didn't get here in time. Sorry, Uncle Possum.

>^..^< Don't miss The Home Front

>^..^< eMail Our Military (eMOM) is a free service providing a safe way for people to continue the tradition of "Any Service Member" mail with a much more personal touch - email! This is your opportunity to let America's military know how much you appreciate what they do on our behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

>^..^< Black Five is sharing another military mom(s) story. Read it here and get the latest tip on what to put in the care packages!!! Adapt, Improvise and Overcome in action!

>^..^< Virtual POW/MIA Bracelets

>^..^< A man is not dead until he is forgotten.

>^..^< Major thanks to Terry Reynolds for his help with the Norton problem. (to be continued - -)

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from Jimmy, Ayden, NC

Subject: What rednecks are REALLY made of.........

We have enjoyed the redneck jokes for years. It's time to take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture that values home, family, country and God. If I had to stand before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd choose a half dozen or so rednecks to back me up. Tire irons, squirrel guns and grit -- that's what rednecks are made of. I hope I am one of those. If you feel the same, pass this on to your redneck friends. Ya`ll know who ya are...


It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, "One nation, under God. . "

You've never protested about seeing the 10 Commandments posted in public places.

You still say "Christmas" instead of "Winter Festival."

You bow your head when someone prays.

You stand and place your hand over your heart when they play the National Anthem.

You treat Viet Nam vets with great respect, and always have.

You've never burned an American flag.

You know what you believe and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening.

You respect your elders and expect your kids to do the same.

You'd give your last dollar to a friend.


After booking my 90-year-old mother on a flight from Florida to Nevada, I called the airline to go over her needs. The woman representative listened patiently as I requested a wheelchair and an attendant for my mother because of her arthritis and impaired vision. I also asked for a special meal and assistance in changing planes. My apprehension lightened a bit when the woman assured me everything would be taken care of. I thanked her profusely. "Why, you're welcome," she replied. I was about to hang up when she cheerfully asked, "And will your mother be needing a rental car?"

4 Animals
You've got to love this little girl. What a woman she'll make!
A teacher asked her class, "What do you want out of life?"
A little girl in the back row raised her hand and said, "All I want out of life is four little animals".
The teacher asked, "Really and what four little animals would that be, sugar?"
The little girl said, "A mink on my back, a jaguar in the garage, a tiger in the bed and a jackass to pay for it all."
The teacher fainted.

When I go to a local discount store to get oil and filters for my car, I buy my wife a bouquet of flowers on display near the checkout counter. During one trip, some women in line behind me were oohing and aahing about a husband getting flowers for his wife. "How often do you do that?" one asked. Before I could answer, the checkout girl, more than familiar with my routine, said, "Every three months or 3,000 miles-whichever comes first."


It's never the end of the world. It's already tomorrow in Australia.
~~Charles M. Schultz

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.
~~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The human race has one effective weapon — and that is laughter.
~~Mark Twain