Indigo Insights

Friday, January 14, 2005

Blogs, that is. Surfing interesting blogs is so much better than fighting the sheets. But last night the blog equivalent of the dreaded ear worm assailed me in my surfing and I was lost in space for about three hours. What would that be anyhow? The ear worm syndrome, but in regard to a piece of information, not a song.

It was all Da Goddess' fault. Maybe. The note pad beside my pc comes in handy for jotting down links or pieces of trivia for later perusal Last night I noticed had been noted (don't know when) along with "from Da Goddess" and a question mark. So, of course, I bopped on over to Varifrank's site to check it out. Sure enough, big as billybedamned, right there on his page was "Da Goddess", identified as one of the "Masters of Their Domain", at the very top of the gutter.

The post was Eight Notes for Hugh Hewitt and started out interestingly enough, but I didn't get through the first paragraph before I read "just like Jayne Mansfield discovering a bit too late that her scarf was just a bit too long". Well, folks, that just threw my brain into overdrive because I remember when Jayne Mansfied was tragically killed in a terrible auto crash (actully decapitated) and I KNEW her death had nothing to do with a scarf. It was another celebrity who was the victim of a too-long boa. But her name was safely filed away in an unused synapse.

No worries, sez I (to myself). Google will dig that lady's name up for me. NOT! Three hours later, shortly after 2 a.m., I gave up. Very disappointed, and burned out. In my mind's eye, there was the woman, trailing her trademark boa behind her across a stage - but WHAT WAS HER NAME??? I remembered the story of the famous dancer of the 20s who was killed when her scarf became entangled in a rear tire of her auto as it sped down the French Riviera. BUT WHAT WAS HER NAME? Worse than an ear worm!!!

With the first sip of morning coffee, I screamed her name, Googled her and voila! Everything you'd ever need to know about ISADORA DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus a citation about her strangulation death.

To Varifrank, thanks for the exercise of my jaded neurons. I'll get back and finish reading your blog, maybe tonight.