Indigo Insights

Sunday, January 30, 2005

>^..^< It's another "I'm not worthy" moment. Indigo has been blogrolled by Jennifer Martinez. It is humbling to be on the same page as those other names.

>^..^< In case you ever wondered, here's the scoop. And it's precisely accurate!


>^..^< All you "back people" go over and give Da Goddess a sympathy hit!! We've BTDT, right?

>^..^< And D.C. Thornton is suffering from flu and pneumonia. Wish him a speedy recovery too.

>^..^< Hopefully, Iraq is going to be just fine, according to the Sailor and Steyn.

>^..^< Alphecca agrees.

>^..^< #2 GOC agrees with Steyn as well.

>^..^< "Just amazing.".says Black Five.

>^..^< Uncle says "Hats off!"

>^..^< Michelle Malkin features an Iraqi woman giving the "voting finger."

>^..^< Cox and Forkum have a thing or two to say as well.

>^..^< Positives at last! With all that said, I'll just say "Git 'er done, Iraq."