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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
In Memoriam, a poem for Adam


Sandstorms roil the sterile soil
Of that foreign, arid place,
And terror-men open wide a mouth
Etched on a hate-filled face.

The death-car blast struck Adam down
And, he in that moment gave
A life well-lived, afore,
To set men free of the grave.

Past time it was when men drew down
Bronze statues from on high;
That struck Iraqi ground with pride
So dust and cheer could fly.

He lived to see that parch-ed land
Count off and then display
With purple digits held on high
Their love of Freedom’s fray.

What, one Gresham fighting man
To free millions from cold chains?
N’er noble words, nor gracious plan
Could make such real gains.

Freedom bought at such a cost,
Where glory's priced so steep:
The names of all such good men lost
Must memory's Herald keep.

Enroll him now, our God we pray
So all may know the score
And knowing it, remind ourselves
Why Adam went to war.

by George Schneider, 20 February, 2005
Inspired by and edited from a work by Grim, of
“Grim’s Hall” blog, at: http://grimbeorn

In Memoriam, a Correction
The United States Army has moved the time for the Fort Lewis Memorial Service for Sgt. Adam Plumondore up to 1030 on 022405, still at the Main Post Chapel on post at 9th and Liggett.

A local service here in Gresham, OR has also been announced, here at the Greater Gresham Baptist Church on SE Division Drive, just east of SE Kane Drive. The service will be at 10:00am on Tuesday, the First of March, 2005. I live only a couple of miles from this church, and will be happy to offer assistance to any persons from out of town who are coming in for the service. Reply to perspac(insert the "at" symbol)yahoo(insert a dot)com for assistance.

See details at Rivrdog
and Kim DuToit

The service will be taking place at 1:00 pm EST tomorrow. Please join me in a moment of silence for Sgt. Plumondore at this time if possible. -- Indigo