Indigo Insights

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Nothing meaningful in the Blue Room today. So check out the following blogs that made the PUSSYFOOTIN™ list. Some good stuff down there.


>^..^< BlackFive has a meaningful memorial for Staff Sgt. Zachary Ryan Wobler, 24, a member of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, N.C.

>^..^< The Sailor in the Desert has blogrolled EasonGate
and has linked to this site for signatures on the partition to force CNN to release the Eason Jordan tape. Sailor reports, you decide.

>^..^< Michelle Malkin hits a home run on the Eason Jordan fiasco too.

>^..^< Who is Reginald G. Jones? Alphecca has the story.

>^..^< Mike King rebuts the British press on their snide review of our Super Bowl. You tell 'em, Mike.

>^..^< Baldilocks left her blog in good hands, but I miss my Baldi-girl. Good job, Guest Bloggers!

>^..^< Via Da Goddess' comments, I see that Gregory Walters is a passenger in the "back/neck probs" boat. He even started a blog to have something to do during his recuperation following surgery. Unfortunately, the URL was not available. Mail it in, Gregory and I'll send my 4 readers over to read what you have to say. [indigoinsightsathotmaildotcom]

>^..^< Seems there's an internet site for everything now. Need your monitor screen cleaned? Go here. [Acidman,yours may be clean enough without this service.]

>^..^< Mike the Marine offers his services to help move malcontents to Canada, thereby strengthening the American gene pool. Good read.

>^..^< Don't miss Jennifer Martinez's thoughts on Perceived Cowardice. In fact, check with Jen often. Some days she tells exactly how she feels! heh

>^..^< Looks like Chuck is going to live to continue worrying the living heck out of poor GF. Maybe with the money he'll be saving, he CAN pay for the wedding.

>^..^< Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta has his say on Social Security. Don't miss it.

>^..^< You've just got to read Rivrdog going on about some of his pet peeves for yourself. In fact, he's been on a roll for two days. Go there and be both enlightened and entertained.

>^..^< The Dirty Ashtray girl has her own kinder and gentler way of airing her complaints and disappointments, but does so succinctly and under fire. You go, Girl!

>^..^< SlagleRock is sponsoring a very interesting and unique contest. Want to enter?

>^..^< Boudicca answers difficult questions in the most entertaining way!