Indigo Insights

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I would like for my daughter, son, granddaughter, grandsons, my wonderful friends, and the many puter-pals who honored my birthday yesterday to know how very much your remembrances, cards, gifts, and efforts meant to me. What a great blow-out party I was feted to last night at the Outback! It's apparent I can't pull one of those off but once a year anymore!!! And Acidman notwithstanding, some of us (ME!) can be hung over the next morning on ONE GLASS OF WINE!!! Danny Glover said it all, if you recall!!

Oh, and by the way to my puter-pals, the birthday cake had so many candles on it, the sprinkler system came on!!! (No, not really -- but that's what the Outback personnel was worried about!)