Indigo Insights

Saturday, April 09, 2005

After a disabling stroke plus cancer in the last years of her life, Bette Davis said it best: "Old age is not for wimps!" Beginning another decade and dealing with the infirmities thereof, I can only say "You tell 'em, Bette!"

Followers of the melange known as Indigo Insights are aware that Indigo has wimped out more and more often over the last few months. Typing has become a real chore and it looks like I'm going to have to curtail it even more. I'll be taking more shortcuts (i.e., less links, more pasting) in order to update the page at all. It really seems like unnecessary physical punishment for me to sit and type when any of the great blogs listed at left have usually posted a lot of my thoughts, and in a much more readable format/style. If you stop by and there's nothing current here, please pop in on blogs of some of those nice folks.

And please continue to pray for our military.