Indigo Insights

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Congratulations, GOC of Winston Salem, on the milestone and on your tenacity. Lucky for the rest of us, you dang Marines just refuse to let anything beat you! I take one little morning for a medical appointment and the meter runneth over. Great news when I got back tho. Also while I was out of town for the mammogram, Carolyn (my house guest) left a note and went home. After I emailed her, it occurred to me that the email to her would explain my absence today to anyone else who may have wondered. But why should I type it twice? Ergo, here's what I do best: copy and paste!!!

Dear Carolyn:

Sorry I missed your departure and couldn't tell you goodbye. But you were absolutely correct in the note you left. The "Wreck of the Hesperus" comes to mind!

The "Imaging Center" is a newly opened, state-of-the-art x-ray, mammogram, MRI, CAT scan - you name it - facility far beyond Madame Curie's wildest dreams. I think it just opened last week. In other words, close enough to Heartbreak Ridge status to remind me immediately of Clint Eastwood's famous quotation!!! The waiting/reception area had three to four dozen patients waiting when I got there and the morning went downhill from then on.

Several of the not-so-patient patients were getting a bit surly. Some had already waited an hour or more. The staff members were endeavoring to keep pleasant demeanors under great duress, but they were obviously wearing thin too. So there I sat for over an hour, as Tammy read her book. A couple of people had already checked out, saying they couldn't wait any longer and would reschedule. That sounded like a good idea to me because by that time, body parts other than those I was there for were wearing out!

Just as I was about to approach the still-nice-but-hassled lady behind the magic glass window and give my regrets, another head came through yet another door and announced "Mrs. Indigo!" This was an obviously stressed out young lady doing her best to overcome. She kindly offered to get a wheelchair for me, but I told her I would do fine with my cane. So she said she would take some necessary additional information standing right there beside me with her clipboard, rather than have me walk to a temporary holding tank. I told her that would be fine and she could put it in my file for when I returned for my rescheduled appointment. Then the conversation went like this:

SHE: Oh, you don't need to reschedule. You're next!

ME: Are you sure?

SHE: Yes. You're the next one up.

ME: For real?

SHE: Yes, and once you're back there it'll only take five minutes.

ME: Do you promise?

SHE: Depending on how fast you can take your clothes off.

ME: That won't hold us up. I used to be a stripper.

(and the audience went wild!! You would have been proud of me and impressed with my self censorship.

And that was how it went on the Crystal Coast today! See you next week.