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Monday, July 18, 2005
A busy, busy Monday! People. People in and out all day. And before I realized it, the day was used up and getting up a post was out of the question. Not only was I bone tired, but my brain drain had put up enough writers' blocks to make a wall. But tonight, after everyone left and the house got quiet, I got in some blog surfing and found many good reads at the sites blogrolled at left. When Jennifer Martinez's blog site came up, this is what I read:

The Price of Freedom
I happened upon this opinion piece by Kit Jarrell quite by accident. As I read her article, I sat here shaking my head in knowing and agreement numerous times. I recommend giving it a read and a resounding HOOAH! I'm going to pass her article onto the Special Operations community, whom I think will appreciate it. Here's an excerpt of what Kit has to say:

I cried from the moment Todd Blackburn fell out of the chopper until the end credits rolled, and for a long time after. I cried for the two Delta Force soldiers who were awarded the Medal of Honor. I cried for Dom Pilla, shot out of the top of a Humvee; for Cpl Jamie Smith, who bled to death in a dirty African city while his fellow soldiers tried in vain to hold his femoral artery together. I cried for people like Matt, who I found recently but who I don't think ever really found himself again. The love I have for my country is so deep and profound that it drives everything that I am. My belief in freedom and my willingness to do whatever it takes to defend my flag is second only to my belief in God. Yet there are times when I ask myself what the point is. All these blogs, all these soldiers and veterans and people who understand what the price of freedom is - and yet the country is still clueless. The colleges and their anti-recruiters, the feminists and their sanctioning of killing our children, the constant head-in-the-sand syndrome about Islam and its followers. We're being invaded from the South, by people whose only goal is to have a "better life" by taking what is not theirs. We're being infiltrated by terrorists whose only wish is to see us all dead.

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Please follow this link and read the entire piece. It's a gut grabber.