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Saturday, September 24, 2005
From: M H Pridgen
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2005 8:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Letter to Editor
I know the writer and served with the writer's spouse while in the Air Force. . mh pridgen

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Sent: Friday, September 23, 2005 1:32 AM
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A Salute to the Military

When "Katrina" hit the south, it was the members of our military who risked their lives to rescue others.... regardless of race, color, or creed. It was NOT the liberal administrators, who forbade military recruiters from being on their campuses, hanging out of those helicopters!

Once again, it is our military who is preparing to aid those who will be affected by "Rita". They never "fail to show up" as approximately 200 screeners did at a Houston Airport, nor do they walk off the job as did 200 policemen in New Orleans. They will be helping with rescues, recovery and keeping the peace while others will be in Washington, D.C. setting up a "Counter Recruitment Contingent" as part of the Cindy Sheehan Anti War Rally on Sept. 24th thru 26th! While Cindy Sheehan is capitalizing on her son's unfortunate death in Iraq, by participating in a speaker's bureau, our valiant service men and women are trying to give the people of Iraq a chance to exercise the same freedom she is enjoying here.

Having been a military wife and having had more than twenty members of our family serve in the military I know the daily sacrifices they and their families make. It means getting less pay than their civilian counterparts, separations, and sacrifice.

How difficult it must be for those serving in Iraq to hear citizens of their own country not only question the validity of the job they are doing....but empathize with those "insurgents wanting to kill Americans." Our service men and women deserve more than that.

They need and deserve our support and prayers.

So, thanks to each and every member of our military for the job they are doing every day both at home and overseas! I am grateful, proud and appreciative of all of you!

Jean A. Silvius
165 N. Grant St.
Manheim, Pa. 17545