Indigo Insights

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thinking about the stress and hardships visited upon the people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, my personal stresses of the week are insignificant. Thanks to the e-mails, comments left on blogs, and telephone calls, I have had a lot of moral and spiritual support from you kind people in the Blogosphere and CyberWorld. Here are a few random examples:

From Utah
"I’ve been out of town and hope you’re doing OK with all your woes. Are you evacuated? I hope. Let us know when all is back to what we call normal. If you still have power, you are probably alright…for now. Hope it stays that way. Hang in there!!!"

Yes, I have a few "woes", but doesn't everybody? The (lol) "hurricane" is going by my house as I type. Shakespeare wrote a play about this one, but in the aftermath of Katrina, I guess it's only normal to overreact! The "reporters" are laughable! Some I've seen on tv are standing a few miles from my house and trying to act "scared" for the camera. -- LOL Thanks for asking. No, I'm not evacuated. No one on my street has left and only a few of us have even boarded up windows -- and even then, only the ones facing the water.

From Alabama
"You still hanging out on the North Carolina coast in the rain and wind?"

Yep. Ophelia's winking "eye" just passed over my house. Not much to it, actually, but Gov Easley played CYA to the hilt!! There were some areas of the coast north of me that caught some bad wind and rain, but Big O mostly dodged my house. I was amused at some of the tv reporters who were trying so hard to make a dramatic presentation when there just wasn't that much drama!

From Florida
"Looks like you are getting hit about now. Hope you are safe. I have thought about you every time I see a weather report. TAKE CARE, HEAH?"

Piece of cake from here on out. Ophelia's eye went over my house about an hour ago. It's still raining like crazy, but the wind is not as bad. Thanks for thinking of me.

From Oregon
"Hey you! Are you taking care of yourself? Keep seeing on tv that you've got yourself in another fine mess."

Yes, everything is under control. At times like these I really appreciate all you taught me! LOL Thanks for asking.

From Texas
"How's the hurricane treating ya? I read that you were planning to evacuate, did you? We've been thinking about ya."

Everything was lined up for evacuation if the hurricane reached Category 2 - but since it stayed Cat 1, I stayed here. Lots of rain, lots of wind. But the max damage was some shingles blown off the roof -- Standard Operating Procedure when you live on the coast. We got lucky with this one. On down the coast - north from me - the people at Hatteras and Ocracoke were hit pretty hard, but I guess they're used to that too.

From Florida
"You told me you were going to head out with your daughter! Stay out of harms way, hear?"

Sorry for misleading you and others. It just didn't seem worth all the effort to pack up and leave for a Cat 1. Cat Ones are all in a day's work around here. Daughter was freaked, but I wouldn't go!

From Washington
"We were freaked too, Indigo. Doesn't take much to go from cat 1 on up. You are in our prayers and minds; stay safe."

Other than really ugly skies this morning, I'm back to regular status, except for a few missing roof shingles. Thanks for your support and prayers, all you guys.

From Wisconsin
"Indigo is getting hit by Ophelia; please keep her in your prayers."

I ain't down yet!! Big O's blinking eye just passed over my house about a half hour ago. Lots of water, but that's about it. Thanks for the prayers. See? They worked! Clean-up tomorrow. And that's already arranged so everything will be shipshape just in case I have an "inspection" Friday!

And sure enough, from the BlogSon: "I'm going to be off on an inspection tour of the North Carolina coast in the morning - eyeballing the situation for myself and checking that Indigo has been truthful with us all."

Many thanks to everyone for helping me through this crisis. Who sang "I'll get by with a little help from my friends"? Having a Senior Moment and can't think of his name!