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Thursday, September 01, 2005
UPDATE: The Best Day of My Life

This beautiful e-mail from my beautiful daughter arrived this morning. I must share it. ---- Indigo


The blog was great! I enjoy hearing heartfelt stories as you know, especially about you and Daddy. Thank you for sharing this one. Kathy said is was certainly all true. I told her 'you don't have any idea', because she didn't know him at his best.

I can remember going around Carol's house and seeing her Dad in action and was in awe of how a father could treat his family as he did. Of course, back then I wasn't mature enough to understand or realize what a near perfect family we had. However, I did know enough to know I didn't want to be in a family like Carol's. I could never understand how anyone could be afraid of their Daddy until I met him. She would always say, just ignore my Dad. Even that young I felt a sadness for her, because I couldn't ever imagine ignoring your Daddy.

I've told many people that you think you love your parents more than anything, but you can't begin to know just how much until you have children of your own.

Yes, I am so thankful for all the special times we spent together. Sometimes it was super fun, others it was just part of the learning process of parents helping their children grow up. It seems whatever we were doing I was always proud and thankful that you and Daddy were mine. All Dale's and my friends thought you all were so awesome, funny and sweet that some times I almost felt jealous of you. Our house was definitely the hangout, as you well know.

I too think of him everyday and miss him dearly. It makes me angry and sad that my grandchildren will never know him as we did, but only through our stories. I am thankful that they will remember you. That is another reason that I wish you could spend more time here.

Well, I didn't mean to run on, but some of us don't blog, so I guess we get a little "long-lettered" (winded). Just suffice it to say as I said before, I thank God for you and Daddy and all you did and sacrficed for Dale and me.

None of us know what the afterlife will be, but if it is how I imagine it, Daddy is up there still teaching kids to have fun and do the right things and make wise choices and wisecracks in a polite way. He also has a crowd of people around him wherever he goes and is making the grumpiest of angels laugh and enjoy heaven.

I love you and thank you,