Indigo Insights

Friday, October 21, 2005

Although it's an honor (and certainly very gratifying) that Indigo Insights gets many search hits for information about the United States Marine Corps, I must publicly state that my love of the Corps does not automatically make me a good source of information. But here's one for you to bookmark.

There was a search on Indigo Insights this week for "jarhead" and it reminded me that I had the Marine Dictionary bookmarked, so I searched the "J" section and found this:

A pejorative term for a Marine. One account suggests that it refers to the Marine high and tight haircut which is cut almost to the skin at the ears with a bit more as it goes up the head giving the appearance of a jar. Another legend says that during World War II the Mason Jar Company stopped making jars and made the helmets for Marines.

My memory differs from this, however, in that the 'jarhead' reference goes back to WW2, while the 'high and tight' I thought to be more contemporary. 'Jarhead' from my repertoire of WW2 Marine lore DID NOT refer to the Mason Jar Company!!! Any Marines out there have any recollections or opinions? Glenn B. Knight and I would really like to know.