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Sunday, November 06, 2005

>^..^< I've been wishing and hoping for a review of "Jarhead" and thanks to Richmond at One for the Road I followed Doc Russia's link to one here. Oh Yeah! and OooRah!! It's a must see, just as I figured.

>^..^< Mostly Cajun never ceases to amaze me. Now we learn he speaks "Frog". i.e.: "Mayor Alain Outreman of Acheres outside Paris says: 'We are not going to start militias. You would have to be everywhere.' " Cajun says translated from Frogspeak, that comes out, “Ze fight, she is too hard. We must run away! Give zem what zey want!” Read the entire post here.

>^..^< The Military Applications of Silly String. This is choice blogging. Don't miss it! HT to Conservative Insurgent

>^..^< QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Those who can, blog; those who can't, troll. Afterward, the latter will run like the cowards they are." - Ochieng

>^..^< Visual on Project Valour-IT