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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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Wasn't Ali a draft dodger who denounced our government? Medal of Freedom? Isn't freedom what we were defending when he decided it was best to serve time in prison rather than fight a war?

Supposedly, the medal is for distinguished service. I can understand Mr.Greenspan receiving it. And just so folks don't cry discrimination, I don't really think most of the rest of the field should have received it either. I mean Jack won enough trophies and medals. Frank Robinson won batting titles and such. Aretha Franklin and Carol Burnett probably won many awards for their great careers.

Why don't we go back to giving the medal to the people who actually deserve it? There are lots of deserving civilians. I am sure there are doctors, teachers, nuns, etc, that would fit the bill for the government’s highest civilian honor.

I am thinking of running for President.

J Dale Manning

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