Indigo Insights

Thursday, November 03, 2005
Please overlook and forgive the untimeliness of some of my posts here. I've been derelict in staying up to date, but promise to try to do better. (Or, as my son advised to cop out with for my shortcomings: "OK. I'm old now. Give me some slack!" ~~Indigo


>^..^< A relatively new blog, One Marine's View, is a must read for me now. Everytime Captain B. posts a new entry, I want to be there. His writing, in fact, makes one feel YOU ARE THERE. Wednesday's entry was gripping. Go read it here.

>^..^< Dax Montana says he has no military background, but he really enjoys the military patrons that frequent his store. He's glad they're on our side. So am I.

>^..^< Baldilocks is still trying to explain it all. Bless her heart, I know how she feels when people just don't listen!

>^..^< Yesterday Bad Eagle was giving his all to explain feelings concerning the Rosa Parks phenomenon, but the post seems to have disappeared. Too bad; it was a very good read. Perhaps I just don't know how to get it out of his archives. See if you can. You'll be intrigued if you can find it.

>^..^< Obnoxious Droppings got on a roll yesterday too with a fresh bunch of S&Gs. [UPDATE: still rolling today] Give him a "S" (see) and have a "G" (grin). heh

>^..^< In other BlogSon news, Sailor is still MIA and Greene still hates Republicans.

>^..^< Soldiers' Angels is sponsoring a competition between the military branches. Caltechgirl has the details. Go over and read all about it and note that she is not exactly an "impartial" participant. It would appear her "ARMY" donations have already exceeded expectations and the "Jarheads, Zoomies, and Squids " (her words, not mine!) are trailing. Now, whatcha gonna do about that "Jarheads, Zoomies, and Squids"?????

>^..^< Keep up with the updates from Rob appearing at Gut Rumbles. And don't miss a related post from the Charming Guy here. A touching narrative.

>^..^< Rivrdog for president!!