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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Captain B has a special message for Senator Murtha:

"We as Marines care for one another, police our own and hold each other accountable for our actions. We are Marines by choice; we don’t make policy we enforce it and we do it together as one team, one voice. Apparently this is something Senator Murtha has forgotten. He isn’t caring for your Marines or America. He isn’t speaking with one voice and by pulling out of Iraq or Afghanistan before we are done is treason. He continues with his damage control techniques but it too late, Senator. As I sat next to him in Haditha Iraq during his visit and he pounded on the table with his closed fist and stated we are behind you and we want to finish this. Well Sir you finished this alright although Im not talking about Iraq, Im talking about your career and your respect. You have lost the respect of the brotherhood. You have failed to take care of your junior Marines, Sir! You have to live with that on your conscious. I would rather be dead than disrespect all of the fallen Marines as you have."

Please read Capt B's entire post here. It's another 'from the heart and guts of a Marine' piece you won't want to miss.

I do not blog for popularity, money or fame. I simply want to share with you what your Marines are doing here in Iraq and to build the American spirit. That’s why I blog.

One Marine’s view has been nominated for “Best Military Blog of the Year” Voting for this blog site is great however I am simply taken back and am grateful to be nominated by you. That is an award in itself to your Marines. Winning awards is one thing and its along the same reasons as why the Marine Corps doesn’t have a football team like the Army, Navy or Airforce. We don’t protect a quarterback, we protect a country and we are sincerely honored to do that for America.

This is why I have put this in the comments section instead of a blog entry. The real focus is you and your support for your Marines. If we have your support, we have already won all of the awards we need and most importantly we will continue to win the war on terrorism.

I speak for all the Marines in harms way when I say thank you all for stopping by during your busy schedule and supporting your Marines.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless you and America, Capt B ...litary_blog.php

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