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Sunday, December 11, 2005
In tonight's blog surfing, there was much to catch up. I wish I had seen this earlier, but with Tookie's "appointment with destiny" coming up in a couple of days, Leshaun Fossett's post of last week is still timely. Here's a direct pastie for anyone else who may have missed Leshaun's post.

Sunday, December 04, 2005
Stanley Williams is guilty and must pay

I’ve known about Stanley “Tookie” Williams for years. I first read about him when he was putting out his children’s books. They were immensely popular, you must know: the first title sold 220 copies; the second produced two sales.

Being largely unimpressed by his penning of these books (as you can tell by my tone above), I never thought of him as some sort of hero, anti-gang crusader; I really had no opinion of him. I’d all but forgotten about him, because he was one of those unremarkable people you read about everyday.

Then, of course, as of late, all these Hollywood types are now rallying for this man to have his life spared. You see, he’s set to die via lethal injection next week. With everything falling into place as the date of December 13th draws nearer, the only thing that can save Williams now is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I’m hoping the governor will do the right thing and let the law serve its purpose. Stanley Williams caused nothing but pain to his community and he passed this horrible trait on to his children, who are also murderous thugs.

Williams, the founder of the infamous street gang the Crips, is sitting in jail right now for the murders of four unlucky people who happened to be in the path of this thug and his cronies in early 1979.

As stated in court documents, Williams and his friends got high and decided to rob a store. Behind the counter of a 7-Eleven store was Albert Owens, a 26-year-old veteran who was trying to make an honest living for himself. It was around 4am on February 28, 1979 in Pomona, California.

After pulling a shotgun on Owens, Williams forced him to get on the floor on his knees. He proceeded to shoot Owens twice in the back, killing him. Williams later made fun of the choking sounds Owens made as he laid on the floor bleeding to death.

The haul: $120. A hard working, honest man had to lose his life because a bunch of thugs weren’t willing to do what he was doing when he died: work.

Williams’ next victims were also hard working people. On March 11th, 1979, Mr. Yen-I Yang, 76, his wife, 63-year-old Tsai-Shai Yang and their daughter, 43-year-old Yee-Chen Lin were all killed when Williams forced his way into the motel the couple from Taiwan owned to rob them.

He walked away from the incident with $100. When referring to the murder with friends, he called the Yangs “Buddha heads”.

Williams claims he is innocent because there is no DNA evidence that proves that he did it. Well, nothing of that magnitude excludes him either. Besides the testimony of people who were there as he committed these crimes, Williams himself confessed to them, even giving details such as the precise number of shots fired and other details that had not been revealed and that only someone who was there would have known.

Here is a list of good deeds Williams has been doing since his arrival in jail, compiled by the good folks at WorldNetDaily:

· a violent fight with another inmate June 30, 1981, in which he repeatedly struck the prisoner while kneeling over him;

· a refusal to line up for a return to his cell Jan. 26, 1982, in which he threatened a guard;

· throwing a chemical substance in the eyes of a guard Jan. 28, 1982, in an attack that resulted in chemical burns and emergency treatment;

· a second attack on a guard with a chemical substance Jan. 29, 1982;

· an attack on another inmate Feb. 16, 1984, in which Williams only stopped beating the prisoner when a warning shot was fired;

· a threat to kill a guard June 8, 1984;

· the beating of another inmate July 4, 1986 that only ceased when armed officers arrived on the scene;

· another fight with an inmate that led to his own stabbing, reportedly retaliation for his ordering another inmate to be stabbed;

· his continued association with the Crips street gang led to administrative segregation Oct. 19, 1988;

· the beating of another inmate Dec. 24, 1991, that only stopped after a warning shot was fired;

· another fight with other inmates July 6, 1993, in which a stabbing instrument (shank) was recovered.

His “good behavior” and “role-model” nature kept him in solitary confinement for nearly six years.

After the jury found him guilty of these murders, passing the jury foreman, Williams mouthed these words to him: “I'm going to get each and every one of you motherf---ers”.

Williams is still involved in gang activity in jail. He still associates with the Crips and it has been proven he has orchestrated many heinous acts such as beatings, robberies and even rapes of other male inmates.

Folks, please don’t be swayed by these Hollywood people; Stanley Williams needs to pay for his crimes.

They’ll say, “He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize”.

Big deal. So were Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.


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