Indigo Insights

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The longer I live, the more I'm convinced of how much better off the human race might be without labels. Why must everyone have a label anyhow? The very label itself can be life-changing in a destructive way. Yet, society requires (demands?) that everybody have one for purposes of categorization. What is the cut-off point between identifying a child as "special-needs" and "genius"? How different the life and works of Albert Einstein would have been had he been labelled when he was a child. In fact, how different our world might be today if he had been.

The most truly "Christian" person I ever knew never attended church. She didn't need a label. Her life was her testimony and she lived it in accordance with the biblical teachings of Jesus, although she never read the Bible to my knowledge. This woman was my aunt, so I knew her well and do not speak of her from what I heard others say, but from what I observed first hand, one on one. So although she lived her life in service to others, helped the poor and unfortunate, did kind deeds for everyone who crossed her life's path, did not judge others, and bubbled over with love for every person and being she encountered, she never earned the label of "Christian" because she was not affiliated with a church. Lucky for her that her life will not be judged by church members or church hierarchy.

Leshaun Fossett may have had similar thoughts on labelling when he wrote this excellent post. In his American heart he doesn't seem to feel the need to "label" February..