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Saturday, February 04, 2006


A couple of Roman candles would be nice too. Today is the Fourth Blogoversary of Indigo Insights!
(pause for applause)

The celebration is not for noteworthy contributions to the literary world; not for political acumen; not for shared wisdom, nor outstanding wit in presentation. Recognition of this milestone is for sheer endurance! For having survived four more years! Some days have been tenuous, to say the least.

After a weekend of intensive tutoring from my BlogFather, Chuck of redneckin, I finally got up the following post on Monday:

Monday, February 04, 2002

I am reminded of the old movie "The Snake Pit" - starring Olivia DeHaviland (who was Miss Mellie in Gone With The Wind). Her nightmares, delusions, monsters, etc, that assailed her as she tried to make her way through the insane asylum. I just came through that same hell to get HERE!!!!!! EUREKA!!!!!

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Later that evening, I learned how to post my first "pastie", which was:

Native American Wisdom

We are all equals in an unequal world.
We can not change the way the world works. I don't know why people can not accept that others are different from themselves and appreciate the differences for what they are.

Marsha Freeman, Student Witness
Wounded Knee, Rosebud, SD
Summer, 1974

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Readers who have followed this blog for a while know that I haven't learned much in four years! Like Blanche DuBois, I still depend on the "kindness of strangers". Thank you, all my "stranger" cyber friends who have become my cyber soul mates.