Indigo Insights

Friday, February 10, 2006

I must be, 'cause I've certainly been out of sorts this week following Sunday night's festivities. Too much excitement, too much food, plus a glass of wine left me "hung over" until today, actually. It's been a sorta kinda normal day today. Maybe tomorrow will be back to just "miserable and pain-wracked"!!! Not whining. Just saying. Everytime I even contemplate complaining about my physical trials and tribulations, one moment of thinking of others who overcome worse with far more grace makes me ashamed. (You know who you are. Pity Pot Seminar Saturday afternoon. Be there or be square!)

So anyhow, I've been trying to catch up on blog reading for the last few days. Still haven't felt much like writing, but been checking out what I've missed that others wrote. Really. When I don't turn on the puter for two days, it's pretty close to time to start getting bids on formaldehyde. The more I've read, linking along the way, the more I conclude that perhaps I am not as out of step with conventional opinion on Mrs. King's funeral as I thought I was.. It seems Blogdom is just about unanimous on this one, with Lefties and Righties unabashedly appalled.

A commenter at D.C. Thorton's blog summed up my feelings just about exactly with this:

Commenter Jim said - - -
"Political speeches have no place at funerals. Period.

"You know, if the Democrats would get off their duffs and do something meaningful once in a while, instead of doing their incessant whining, bickering, and politicizing everything under the sun, they might be a true, fair, and organized resistance against the Repubs. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Due to their insolence, election after election is going to go to the right, skewing the political landscape and throwing off that valuable balance between the two.

"I feel estranged by both parties, because I don’t feel either of them represent me. I have many an axe to grind with both parties and resent that anyone would tell me that I have to pick either one or the other.

"Yep, yet another annoying centrist who can’t pick a party and stick with it. Dispicable actions like wiretapping and throwing childish tantrums at the funerals of civil rights icons aren’t going to get me any closer to accepting the party line…"

And in his always inimitable style, Charming Guy reads my mind too: "I am dreading the elections this fall. I can't bring myself to vote for a donk and if I vote for a republican I may wind up puking in the voting booth."