Indigo Insights

Monday, February 18, 2002
I am not able to soar with the divine eagles of substantial challenge because I am being pecked to death at the ankles by the ducks of trivia!

Ever felt like that?

"Substantial challenge" right now would be learning how to function on this Blogging place!!! It's not due to lack of interest, nor even time. Being one of the "retired drains on society", my time is now pretty much my own. The fact of the matter is I AM being "pecked to death at the ankles by the ducks of trivia."

I mean, take today for example (more or less a ditto of yesterday). Slow-moving mornings, due to dysfunction of the back, start the day out WRONG every day.
Duck #1 - Instant demands at the moment of awakening. Ruler of the house - Dog Queen - gives me no peace until SHE has her breakfast. Never mind I am desperate for coffee. Dog breakfast!!
Duck #2 - More zoo complications. Two alpha cats also pace and yell for their breakfasts. (still no coffee for me)
Duck #3 - Dispense and swallow the day's first meds. (still no coffee)
Duck #4 - Dog Queen wants out -- not to be argued with since DQ is as big as I am!!
Duck #5 - Finally put on coffee pot -- been up about 15 minutes now.
Web-footed One #6 - First telephone call of the day. Usually before the coffee is ready - but sometime I get lucky and get a few sips before the first ding-a-ling.
#7 - ASAP take pain pill for back - to enable me to sit at pc screen long enough to read email later.

And ducks and ducks and ducks - you get the picture - until it's lunch time. Most mornings visitors drop in - which is great - but still a duck! I encounter very few "divine eagles" these days.