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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Suddenly a big issue over voter identification? Why now, one wonders? Could it be due to fear of terrorists getting to vote? That's the only new issue I can think of. Voter fraud has been going on forever and apparently neither Democrats nor Republicans were too concerned. Don't recall either party trying to legislate anything. Even when the dead voted!!!



Creator gave you two ears and one mouth. So you can listen twice as much as you speak.
-Lakota Elder

Now why don't I follow that wise advice ALL the time? Found myself breaking that rule (one of my personal Golden Rules, by the way) today. It dawned on me, right in the middle of a real ear-bending session to a friend of mine, that I was beginning to sound like a real haranguer. Sorry I let it get that far, but in my own defense, I'll plead The Blues. They have attacked me vicariously through the suffering of someone very close to me.

Strong emotions are tied to really dear friends. This dear lady has been very close to me for 25 years and I really do feel her pain. (Previous president having almost made a joke of this cliche, notwithstanding!) She (I'll call her Carol) has been on a death-bed watch with her 38 year old son for over a month now. The doctors gave him a 50% chance of survival at the time of admittance to the hospital, then 20%. Only another mother can imagine the stress and suffering of being the mother in such a situation. Although separated by 100 miles, we have had telephone talks every day - sometimes 2 or more - and it seems we have been through it all together. Guess the bottom line is I have shared Carol's frustrating hurt for several weeks and when I got a chance to share mine with someone, I let go too much. Consolation: God loves a cheerful listener! Bless my BBD.

Monday, February 25, 2002

It's probably worth mentioning that the "time stamp" on Blogs is PST. The recorded time for my Blogs, therefore, is three hours earlier than the time I actually post. Not a big thing - except that I recently posted my confession of being a "night person", and the time stamp was 8:28 p.m. LOL! Quintessential oxymoron!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2002

(Nothing that could come from the humble keyboard of this Blogger would ever approach the wisdom, beauty, and inspiration of writings by John Two-Hawks. Therefore, I use today's blog space for sharing John's thoughts.)

"Hau kola!
Hello friends! Welcome to the February (Snow Blinds Moon) 2002 Edition of the Circle of Nations newsletter! The smoke of sweet grass is in the air, the ceremonial music is playing softly and the lights are dimmed. I am honored to have been handed the talking stick.... to have this opportunity to share the reflections of this one Indigenous soul with the thousands of beautiful people who have 'gathered' at this 'council fire'. The talking stick was an old method of council balance. Whoever had the stick was allowed to speak their thoughts, their feelings.... their heart. All without the stick listened and considered these thoughts. It was a good way. It taught respect and placed a great importance on listening.... something I think many could benefit from a great deal today. My Tunkasila (grandfather) used to tell me that if my mouth was moving, I was not learning. He told me that wisdom cannot get into the heart if words are constantly going out of the mouth. I never forgot that lesson. I have learned much in this life by sitting quietly and listening. A big wopila (great thank you) for taking time to hear the words of this one Lakota man. I am honored.... truly honored. I pray that my words will bless you with good things to consider....

In the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world,
Your Oglala Lakota brother / friend,
John Two-Hawks "

Thursday, February 21, 2002

There are "normal" clock people; and then there are the vampires. It seems I am a member of the latter group. Just when others are gearing down for the night, or even bed, I am peaking!!! Always been a night person, but now that I live alone, it's easy to indulge myself.

When the telephone has stopped for the day and the animals have gone to sleep is my most productive time. Uncluttered thoughts emerge. Uninterrupted epiphanies spring forth. At those hours of the night, things become so clear, I can almost think myself a genius!! LOL But in a reality check, I know I'll be confused again tomorrow!!!!

Much ado about school vouchers it seems. Hundreds of opinions too, of course. To me anything that would improve the quality of our dumbed-down education system would be a godsend. And QUICK -- it's too late to play catch-up for many age groups
(i.e.: Know anybody who can spell anymore?) but those still within the system may still be led down a more enlightened path. I definitely don't think more money poured down the education hole is the answer. Private schools now can teach a student for one year for $2,000 less than the public schools. Money is not the answer. Not to say that I have an answer. Just lots of questions. I have lived through and witnessed the deterioration of American education. It's my observation that anyone who graduated from high school after 1970 has an inferior education in many areas. Especially, when compared to those who graduated from high school before 1970. Research the SAT scores from 1950 to 1970 and 1970 to 1999, you who disbelieve.


You CAN get Satisfaction if you have a great mentor who helps you attain your goals. Ah! Success. With guidance from my Beloved Benevolent Dictator I have been able to learn "edit" and delete a previously posted error. Feel like a Cheshire Cat. Wait!!! Must run to a mirror and see the little feather peeking out of the corner of my mouth!!! Thanks AGAIN BBD!!!

Monday, February 18, 2002
To The Blogger Gods - - -

Why the "edit" when it's too late?????

Another DUCK!!!!!!

I am not able to soar with the divine eagles of substantial challenge because I am being pecked to death at the ankles by the ducks of trivia!

Ever felt like that?

"Substantial challenge" right now would be learning how to function on this Blogging place!!! It's not due to lack of interest, nor even time. Being one of the "retired drains on society", my time is now pretty much my own. The fact of the matter is I AM being "pecked to death at the ankles by the ducks of trivia."

I mean, take today for example (more or less a ditto of yesterday). Slow-moving mornings, due to dysfunction of the back, start the day out WRONG every day.
Duck #1 - Instant demands at the moment of awakening. Ruler of the house - Dog Queen - gives me no peace until SHE has her breakfast. Never mind I am desperate for coffee. Dog breakfast!!
Duck #2 - More zoo complications. Two alpha cats also pace and yell for their breakfasts. (still no coffee for me)
Duck #3 - Dispense and swallow the day's first meds. (still no coffee)
Duck #4 - Dog Queen wants out -- not to be argued with since DQ is as big as I am!!
Duck #5 - Finally put on coffee pot -- been up about 15 minutes now.
Web-footed One #6 - First telephone call of the day. Usually before the coffee is ready - but sometime I get lucky and get a few sips before the first ding-a-ling.
#7 - ASAP take pain pill for back - to enable me to sit at pc screen long enough to read email later.

And ducks and ducks and ducks - you get the picture - until it's lunch time. Most mornings visitors drop in - which is great - but still a duck! I encounter very few "divine eagles" these days.

Friday, February 15, 2002
This is a test. It is only a test. Had it been a true emergency, I would have used E-mail!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

The last blog I entered (which I considered close to a masterpiece!!!) was unceremoniously deleted - after an hour of cogitation. Left me feeling a little less than happy with blogging in general. In retrospect, however, I consider that cyber snafu a gift from the cyber gods. The material had a definite negative overtone - because it was a negative day. I'll try again and try to do better. Hope I can master this eventually.

Monday, February 04, 2002
Native American Wisdom

We are all equals in an unequal world.
We can not change the way the world works. I don't know why people can not accept that others are different from themselves and appreciate the differences for what they are.

Marsha Freeman, Student Witness
Wounded Knee, Rosebud, SD
Summer, 1974

I am reminded of the old movie "The Snake Pit" - starring Olivia DeHaviland (who was Miss Mellie in Gone With The Wind). Her nightmares, delusions, monsters, etc, that assailed her as she tried to make her way through the insane asylum. I just came through that same hell to get HERE!!!!!! EUREKA!!!!!