Indigo Insights

Sunday, February 24, 2002

(Nothing that could come from the humble keyboard of this Blogger would ever approach the wisdom, beauty, and inspiration of writings by John Two-Hawks. Therefore, I use today's blog space for sharing John's thoughts.)

"Hau kola!
Hello friends! Welcome to the February (Snow Blinds Moon) 2002 Edition of the Circle of Nations newsletter! The smoke of sweet grass is in the air, the ceremonial music is playing softly and the lights are dimmed. I am honored to have been handed the talking stick.... to have this opportunity to share the reflections of this one Indigenous soul with the thousands of beautiful people who have 'gathered' at this 'council fire'. The talking stick was an old method of council balance. Whoever had the stick was allowed to speak their thoughts, their feelings.... their heart. All without the stick listened and considered these thoughts. It was a good way. It taught respect and placed a great importance on listening.... something I think many could benefit from a great deal today. My Tunkasila (grandfather) used to tell me that if my mouth was moving, I was not learning. He told me that wisdom cannot get into the heart if words are constantly going out of the mouth. I never forgot that lesson. I have learned much in this life by sitting quietly and listening. A big wopila (great thank you) for taking time to hear the words of this one Lakota man. I am honored.... truly honored. I pray that my words will bless you with good things to consider....

In the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world,
Your Oglala Lakota brother / friend,
John Two-Hawks "