Indigo Insights

Thursday, February 21, 2002

There are "normal" clock people; and then there are the vampires. It seems I am a member of the latter group. Just when others are gearing down for the night, or even bed, I am peaking!!! Always been a night person, but now that I live alone, it's easy to indulge myself.

When the telephone has stopped for the day and the animals have gone to sleep is my most productive time. Uncluttered thoughts emerge. Uninterrupted epiphanies spring forth. At those hours of the night, things become so clear, I can almost think myself a genius!! LOL But in a reality check, I know I'll be confused again tomorrow!!!!

Much ado about school vouchers it seems. Hundreds of opinions too, of course. To me anything that would improve the quality of our dumbed-down education system would be a godsend. And QUICK -- it's too late to play catch-up for many age groups
(i.e.: Know anybody who can spell anymore?) but those still within the system may still be led down a more enlightened path. I definitely don't think more money poured down the education hole is the answer. Private schools now can teach a student for one year for $2,000 less than the public schools. Money is not the answer. Not to say that I have an answer. Just lots of questions. I have lived through and witnessed the deterioration of American education. It's my observation that anyone who graduated from high school after 1970 has an inferior education in many areas. Especially, when compared to those who graduated from high school before 1970. Research the SAT scores from 1950 to 1970 and 1970 to 1999, you who disbelieve.