Indigo Insights

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Anyone who surfs Blog World knows that the more one links, the more one learns, hence the more well-rounded one may become. Well, at least I find that true. It is also true that wisdom, incisive comment, wit, and savvy are not limited to the elite of the Blogosphere. There are many, many travelers on the www who have never heard of blogging (unbelievable, huh?) who nevertheless pass on informative, thought-provoking tidbits through their emailing lists. That's why I have featured some of their email from time to time. If you are one of Indigo Insights' readers (three of you now, right?) you may have noticed the material published here runs the gamut of opinions and political diversity. That's because I really enjoy a cornucopia of opinions and political diversity. And like many of you have pointed out, on my own blog I make the rules.

Today I would like to share what was in this morning's mail from two international keypals of mine. A delightful gentleman from Qatar (yes, the Mideast Qatar!) forwarded this link to me. And here's a bright holiday greeting from an animal-loving Brit. Is there any other kind? Gotta love 'em.