Indigo Insights

Monday, December 30, 2002

The words of John Two-Hawks and his beautiful music have a calming, peaceful effect on me. His writings and flute have soothed my soul on many occasions. John offers new perspectives to this old WASP, and he has guided my inner thoughts down a different path toward inner peace, time and time again. His offerings should be understood and accepted considering the purity of the dimension from which they come. Many of us 'white eyes' do not comprehend the Indigenous people's deeply spiritual observance of The Red Road ( ) but it may behoove us to familiarize ourselves with their beliefs, and others' beliefs, before negating them out of hand. Here is John's welcome to the new year. I like to read his letters after clicking onto one of his sites so as to listen to his flute while I read his words.

Circle of Nations

Hau kola na nitakuye (hello friends and relatives),
It is a new year, the solstice has passed and maka ina - mother earth - has begun her journey back toward the sun once again.... as she has since the beginning of all beginnings. Oh ya sure, January 1st is the "new year" as most moderners know it. But we Lakota know that the true new year for our planet actually begins after the winter solstice, that time when the mother earth's northern axis has tilted the furthest from the sun, thus bringing us here on Turtle Island (north america) our 'shortest day'. After this, the new year begins as the axis begins to return toward the sun and our days get a bit longer each time we pass the sun. We are the star people, and we know the stars. Not in the way an astronomer.... nor in the way of an astrologist.... but in the way of the Lakota. We know the stars, like an ancient old friend. There is much the stars have to show us. For countless centuries people all around the world have listened to the voice of the stars.... the signs which foretell of great catastrophic or powerful earth changing events. In this time of Christmas, we are reminded of a story of wise men who knew the signs of the stars, and followed these signs straight to the cradle of the Christ child. We Lakota know the signs of the stars this way. There is much we can learn, if we only listen with humble hearts and open minds....

EAST - Wiyohinyanpata - Yellow (Four Winds)
An old year passes.... a new year begins. What have we learned? Where have we traveled and what have our travels taught us about where we are headed? I see a lot of hope, a lot of good in our world. I also see very clearly the problems, the ignorance and the pain of a humanity that has not yet learned the power of true, real love. Our world is as many pendulums. Some pendulums are pulled away from their center and have have yet to swing. Some have swung already and are way on the other side of their center. A few have found their way back to the center. This center is a place of stillness. A place of peace and rest. In the 1950's, many pendulums had been pulled away from their center for ages by oppression and suppression. The young people of the 1960's broke the oppressive grip on many of these pendulums and they finally began to swing. Some are still just beginning their first swing today, and others have swung entirely the other way and back several times. What must be understood is that in order for a pendulum to find it's true resting center once it is pulled out of balance, it has no choice but to swing wide first, then back and forth a bit until it slows and then finally finds its center once again. Human social relations, the condition of our environment and political climates are just a few examples of the many 'pendulums' that are in swing as we head into 2003. World peace means much more to me than merely human peace.... it means peace for all Creation.... every rock, tree, and drop of water.... every living, breathing, creeping, crawling, swimming and flying thing on this planet. For this real world peace to occur, all must become actively interested and involved in bringing every pendulum back to its true center. World peace will only come when balance is achieved. I had an honest man say to me once, "the world is going to come to an end anyway, so why bother?" I will answer that question here with another question. If your house was on fire, would you not at least try to save it from the flames? World peace as I define it may seem like a foolish dream, but I will keep filling the bucket of my life with the cool, calming water of peace and love and casting it into the flames of hate, ignorance and corruption with the hope that maybe others will continue to join me with their own buckets. Hey, who knows, maybe with enough of us casting our peace and love water into the flames, we may surprise ourselves and actually succeed! We just might put out the fire.... and save our home.... After all, the pendulum is still in swing....

May you all find peace, inner strength and balance this coming year. I am honored to connect to you in this way. I have offered my elk medicine to you with an honest heart. May these ramblings bless you in some beautiful way. And may Creator encircle you with faith to believe, hope for the future and love for all....

In the spirit of mending the sacred hoop of the nations of the world,
Your Oglala Lakota brother / friend,
John Two-Hawks