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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Rachel Lucas got my full attention with this. I had the time, so I used it to read every single word, including all Comments. Hope readers here will be able to do the same. I guess it's just not a good time to be Anti-American! (hint to military detractors) And BTW Rachel, I sent the link to everyone I know in the military, and was proud to do it.


by Kevin Stone

What's wrong with this quote? Demoncrat John Kerry had this to say about President Bush's proposed tax cuts:

''The largest cost of the Bush tax giveaway will not be borne by any of us here today it will be paid for by our children. We're borrowing from Social Security and Medicare to put money in our pockets today and sticking our children with the bill.''

Um, tax giveaway? Borrowing? Looks like it's business as usual at Dem central. Only a tax and spend Demoncrat could consider taking less to be a giveaway. Only a tax and spend Demoncrat would consider a proposal likely to boost revenues through economic stimulus a case of borrowing from other programs.

As responsible Conservatives, I think it's our duty to make sure that Demoncrats don't get away with these types of rhetorical tricks. Spread the word!



Had an interesting instant message chat with a keypal last night. We started out discussing Christmas shopping. He was shopping online for perfume for his lovely wife. (Go figure. The guy works in the perfume industry!!) The chat soon degenerated (perhaps) into a treatise on foreigners in general and the French in particular. But here, read it for yourself.

Keypal -- Found some perfume. Guess I'll get two.
Indigo -- What kind?
Keypal -- Brand X
Indigo -- I don't know that one. You know I'm a Brand Y girl, myself.
Keypal -- LOL Hey! We make Brand Y.
Indigo -- I seem to remember you told me that a long time ago. However, if you're getting two of the Brand X with one in mind for me, I'll try it!!!! LOL Just kidding.
Keypal -- Have you heard of Brand Z?
Indigo -- Yes. A little heavy for me tho.
Keypal -- We make that also.
Indigo -- Really? I've smelled so much of that on men that I'm turned off to it.
Keypal -- I believe it's made for both men and women.
Indigo -- Yes. It's just a mental block thing with me, I guess.
Keypal -- I'm not sure which kind of Brand Y we make.
Indigo -- I also like Brand W - but have to be very careful to only use one squirt. It's a little overpowering. The Brand Y I use is yyyy. It's light and nice, and I don't need a trail of Frenchmen following me!! LOL!!
Keypal -- We had a Frenchman working with us for about 3 months. He was loving and leaving a female employee. When he came back she slammed the door in his face.
Indigo -- Served him right!!
Keypal -- He took the wife and me out for supper and he had the audacity to offer her the keys to his room!
Indigo -- LOL That's the French Way, I guess.
Keypal -- I guess.
Indigo -- Europeans are so different from us.
Keypal -- If he had understood English, I would have told him where to put his keys.
Indigo -- I hope your wife wasn't too mortified. The hand-kissing puts me off. I guess it's indicative of a gentleman in Europe -- but really - - - - -
Keypal -- Well, I managed to hold my tongue. The hand thing puts me off also.
Indigo -- Just different cultural mores. Tell the wife not to take offense. Take it as a compliment - and forget it.
Keypal -- Yes, I will. I'll never see the guy again anyhow.
Indigo -- When I attended professional conventions, I used to meet foreigners that I had spoken to on the telephone, or had correspnded with. Naturally, when I met them in person, I extended my hand to shake hands. A Swiss and a Polish guy grabbed it and planted a kiss! After that, I just nodded my head when I was introduced. Guess they thought it was the proper thing to do if a lady offered her hand.
Keypal -- Probably. At work you're lucky to get a hand shake from some of the foreigners. Most of them seem to think we're dirt unless they're sucking up.
Indigo -- A common attitude of foreigners, it seems. And from what I hear, some Americans are the same when travelling abroad.
Keypal -- There are many there that dislike America.
Indigo -- Oh but yes!
Keypal -- And I am one of those American travelers who dislikes them just as much.

After Keypal and I signed off, I got to thinking about the French. It appears that as far as the ubiquitous French "Boo, America" is concerned, the feeling is mutual. But it was not always so. The History Channel telecast a show last week of interviews with World War II veterans. Several of the gray, wrinkled vets had emotional overflows just telling of their European war experiences. But one old fellow, with a twinkle in his eye, told of marching into Paris to liberate the French from the Nazis. He remembered how the streets were lined with euphorically grateful Parisians as the American Army came into town. French girls, holding hands, would encircle an American soldier and not release him from the circle until he kissed every one of them, he said. The memory elicited a chuckle from the old vet. It may have been his only happy memory of the war.

"Boo, America!" How soon they forgot.