Indigo Insights

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

First of all, I'd like to thank Chuck of 'redneckin' fame, who introduced me to the term "blog" by throwing it at me out of the blue, knowing full well that it would drive me crazy because it was a new word to me and I didn't know the meaning of the term. He's a sly one, that Chuck. Then he led me, kicking and screaming, down the blogging path, whether I wanted to go or not. Retired from publishing, I figured I had already BTDT with writing. Chuck asked me what I planned to do with my "skills" (ahem) if I wasn't going to put them to use. I told him I'd just sit on them - like laurels!! He had different plans and his were more productive than mine. Thanks, Chuck. I love you, Man! (aside: Would that make Chuck my Blog-Daddy? Naaaaaaaaaa- I'm older than him!)

Next, thanks to Terry of Possumblog who saw me hunkered down in the Briar Patch one day and invited me in out of the cold to a warm room right above The Axis of Weevil. (Would he be my Blog-Uncle?) Also, many thanks to Terry for the introduction to the gal downstairs - - -

Francesca of Yorkie Blog in The Axis of Weevil, who has become my Number One GF of the Blogosphere, and without whose direction to the referral from - - -

South Knox Bubba (a kissing cousin) regarding the database of rankings at, which I missed previously, there would be no occasion for all these 'thank yous'. I mean, come on, ranked 22,851 out of 43,203!!!! ROTFLMFAO!!!!

Oh well, Francesca, at least we made rank!!!! LOL

And thanks to all the other wonderful writers in the Reading List at right whom I've come to know, be entertained and informed by, and touched in many special ways (you all know your specialities! LOL). Misha, Meryl, Rachel, Michele, Kim, and Acidman are revelations in true journalistic talent.