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Monday, June 30, 2003

9-11 Remembrance
The Monkey-Man linked this from Sgt. Hook. The post begins with:

"Sunday, June 29, 2003 -- Almost Two Years Now ... and I still can't watch this all the way through. After about two minutes I have tears streaming down my face, and I turn it off."

Would that Sarandon, et al., be seat-belted into auditorium chairs and made to watch this on a loop the entire day of September 11. At the end of each hour, this should be shown.

Interesting New Find
In my midnight surfing last night, I came upon Margi Lowry's site. Here are some quotes from her page that indicate we have a lot in common. Except that Margi has a different URL, these observations could have been written by Indigo. MOF many of them are in Indigo archives.

++ "I'm a night owl. I always adored a silky black night sky, and I have always felt more creative when the rest of the world was asleep."
++ "Every semi-brilliant idea I have ever had has come to me, swiftly in the midnight. If I don't act, it's gone from me in the harsh morning light."
++ "one of my idols is Dorothy Parker"
++ (on cell phones) "There's a decided lack of common courtesy out there these days."
++ "I am a serious 'reality' person. I love COPS and New Detectives, The History Channel, stuff like that."
++ "if I am ever in a state such as that, where I am kept alive by machines only and there is no hope for anything resembling a normal existence -- pull the plug."

And that's just scratching the surface. No telling what I'll find when I get into her archives!