Indigo Insights

Saturday, June 14, 2003
Apropos Follow-Up
Here is a sampling of exactly what Buster was referring to in the June 12 comment on Gut Rumbles. Some glaring foul-ups of the English language by various tv talking heads, overheard and noted this past week:
++ "He went with Mike and I."
++ "She passed the dessert tray to Jane and I."
++ "Between you and I"
++ "Him and I started that tv show."
("Me" is an almost obsolete pronoun, usage diminishing in favor of "I" - regardless of which case is required. Pronouns in general are misused.)
++ "He could have went."
++ "They should have went."
++ "I should have came up with a better excuse."
++ "There was only three people."
(Those pesky verb tenses are impossible!)
++ Listen for this one: The verb "has" is being replaced by "is" by many lazy enunicators. Ex: "The Pentagon is replaced some outdated weapons." "That is been an ongoing problem."
++ And the ubiquitous mispronunciation or our nation's capital and my home state, repeated by Bryant Gumbel every morning for years and now heard everywhere: Alas, the 'ing" has disappeared from WashINGton, as well as the "o" in CarOlina.