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Monday, June 30, 2003
Celebrity Representatives
After I saw James Carville's anemic legs in an Infone commercial on tv, I couldn't help myself. I sent Infone the following email:

Subject: James Carville? Pu-Leeeeze!

Bad choice for your representative. Do you have any idea how many people in the USA would like to see him impaled on a utility pole?
Just FYI

Swansboro, NC

Infone response:

Thank you for your feedback about Infone and our commercials involving Mr. Carville. We understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback and taking the time to write us. I have forwarded your comments to our Marketing Department

Mr Carville is not a spokesman for infone, he is one of several celebrities we are using. We have several commercials which feature celebrities and non-celebrities. Today, we have a commercial which features Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota in addition to James Carville. In addition, there are several other ads which feature non-celebrities ('Animal Control', 'Anniversary', and 'Wife's Birthday').

I have forwarded your feedback to our marketing teams. If you should require further information or have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at our web site ( or simply dial 1-888-411-1111.

Thank You,

Michael Coe, Infone Customer Service

[Well, I was certainly fooled. I could have sworn Carville really was speaking for Infone, since he (or at least his legs) appeared in their commercial with his voice.]