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Saturday, June 28, 2003
Been trying to think of a heading for today's posting other than the trite stuff. Potpourri is too overused. Miscellany infers literary work, a misnomer for sure. Mishmash is reminiscent of corn likker; none here. Hodgepodge is something my Mammy said; outdated in this millennium. Melange denotes a motley assortment; I hope not. Gallimaufry would work, since it's defined as "jumble" - but it sounds like something pornographic. In my search to trammel the trite, I found omnium-gatherum. What a nice word; and with a lot of class. NSB lawyers might like it! But, alas! Further search revealed Baslow's Electric Omniumgatherum (no hyphen) blog. Now the quandary: Baslow has not updated his site since March 11, 2002. Has he abandoned Omniumgatherum? Would it be plagiarism for me to use it? Am I on shaky legal ground? Oh phooey! It's only a heading. He's probably in Iraq anyhow.

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - More than 5,000 Marines and Sailors of 2d Marine Expeditionary Brigade returned to families and friends Sunday [June 22 blog below] after supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Everything you may have wondered about is covered here at Military News. Bookmark it and visit Camp LeJeune often.

Support Our Troops
Make a statement at Home Front Heroes.

If You Wanna Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life - - -
See this "Make Room for Happiness" from WebMD. Don't knock it 'til you read it. And don't miss page 2.

Forward This - - -
straight to your grandparents if you're under 50. If they're a bit hard of hearing, tell them to turn up speakers. Sound or not, it's a nice read.

A Must Read
"Moral Stupidity", an essay by Orson Scott Card, courtesy of a link from Grouchy Old Cripple.

A sky-diving instructor was asked, "How many successful jumps must a student make before he or she can become certified?"

He answered, "All of them!"

Sky diving, however, is the exception. Is your life built on a series of successes? Do you usually attempt something new and immediately succeed, then succeed again and again? More likely, you may find that it is the other way around. Your successes are often built on smaller failures. You fell off the bike a few times before you learned to ride. And you produced a few culinary failures before you baked a successful layered cake or prepared a satisfactory omelet.

Tom Hopkins observes, "The number of times I succeed is in direct proportion to the number of times I can fail and keep on trying." And Winston Churchill stated, "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." They both agree that discouragement, rather than failure, is the enemy of success. Those who can remain hopeful and focused, though they fail, are those who will eventually succeed.

In all, Emily Dickinson is said to have written more than nine hundred poems. Though only four were published in her lifetime and the first volume of her poetry was not published until four years after her death, Dickinson's success is attributed to the fact that she did not allow discouragement to keep her from her poetry.Where would we be today had Emily Dickinson lost her enthusiasm for writing? Because she kept her desire alive, we now remember her as one of the great poets of all time.

It's good to remember that success may be just beyond the next failure, and you'll get there, not because you're destined to, but because you're determined to.

This reading is found in Steve Goodier's book