Indigo Insights

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Rogue Gallery
Yes It's Me and I'm a Rogue Again. (thanks Fats) I don't have the talent or the patience to report on the last four days of busy, busy, therefore, with apologies to Blog Uncle, here's a brief recap of excuses: Long weekend with guests; trips to vet, last two days. Lots of water over Indigo Dam since last blog, both Online and Offline.

Dam Highlights:
Acidman retires
Francesca returns
Chuck back, but with little time to blog
Acidman returns - with a vengeance
Compleat Redneck got back just under the wire before being named a Rogue
Tony working hard for The Good Old North State
Condolences to Janis
McGehee keeps on keeping on
Jay Solo still at work
Grouchy Old Cripple has only one usuable finger (wonder which?)
Emperor Misha still the monarch

And Hillary DIDN'T KNOW!!