Indigo Insights

Friday, October 24, 2003

Who knew? JJ not only has his own website, but he's joined the ranks of the growing black conservatives. Thanks to Ocean Guy for the links. Here are a couple of examples of Dy-No-Mite discourse:

"Rush Limbaugh, hired by ESPN to help ratings and spice up its Sunday Morning NFL Show, was, for all practical purposes, fired for stating the facts. He dared to say what others whispered: The reason Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was not getting scrutinized for bad play as much as he deserved, was because the NFL has a policy of wanting Black coaches and quarterbacks to be successful at all and any cost. What Limbaugh did was to expose yet another form of Affirmative Action — this time, in sports!"

Black Voting
"Black folks have been led, like sheep to the slaughter. For over fifty years, black people have voted in monolitic masses for the democratic party . They are taken for granted in the democratic party. Black people are political orphans. According to the census, Blacks have become the second largest minority in the United States, losing out to the Hispanic population. "Black Leadership" is rudder-less. But still, Blacks have a passionate adversity to any other political party...ostracizing anyone not in the Democractic Party. Clarence Thomas, J.C.Watts, Alan Keyes are examples of this. Sure, there has been obvious progress for Blacks over the last fifty years...but much of the Black agenda's cornerstone has gone by the wayside. In the last five years, welfare reform and standardized testing (something Blacks have long been against)is now the law of the land. The end of affirmative action as we knew it is now here. It's time for Blacks to stop being led like lemmings by the Democratic Party and look for a new political "empowerment zone."