Indigo Insights

Thursday, October 02, 2003

“The male brain secretes less of the powerful primary bonding chemical oxytocin and less of the calming chemical serotonin than the female brain.“
Thanks to Possum Man for this link. I’ve always been mystified about this and even at this advanced age, it was still a conundrum. Now I am enlightened. My advice to young females: Learn this while you’re young and save yourself a lot of bewilderment in life.


American Journalism Review assistant managing editor Jill Rosen goes on-and-on for 1,365 words ranting about how much puffy coverage Krispy Kreme gets. That's right: 1,365 words to explain how there is too much being written about Krispy Kreme donuts. She seems outraged. She seems flummoxed. She seems verbose. She seems eating-disordered. Hey, Jill. Don't blame the media for all the Krispy Kreme coverage. It's the public: coverage of Krispy Kreme is what they want. And they want it HOT! And if you don't like it, well, I suggest you not turn in a 1,365-word story on it that will generate even more coverage trying to explain to you why reporters write stories about one of life's greatest joys.

This Krispy Kreme news bulletin is furnished by Rex, newly inducted into the Rocky Top Brigade. Krispy Kreme is required eating for members of North State Bloggers. We need to stay current!