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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
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Most of my television viewing is late night. That's when all the eye-glazing stuff is gone away and interesting replays can be seen on the History Channel, A&E, Learning Channel, PBS, National Geographic, etc. No channel can hold my interest during a commercial, however. I have a "Mute" button implanted in a tooth filling and all I have to do is touch that tooth with the tip of my tongue and I'm tuned completely out until the show resumes. Anyhow, I had been touching my Mute Tooth for several showings of a certain commercial when one night I realized what it was really all about. I had erroneously assumed this was one of the endless promos for yet another ennui-laden sit-com until the night I paid attention. Have you seen the "Bacardi and Cola" ad? Don't you think it's possible to assume it's another silly promo and divert your mind to something else? That's what I had been doing for weeks until I watched it and finally noticed that those two super cool guys were doing a Barcardi rum commercial. WHAT? Alcohol advertising has been illegal on television for years, hasn't it? Well, is it or not?

A couple of weeks later, another commercial filtered through my Mute Tooth and I was watching a group of young adults on a European jaunt trying to find the train to Prague. They got on the wrong train, but toasted their Barcelona destination with Southern Gentleman anyhow. That jogged my memory to a formerly suppressed ad I had seen for Bailey's. Hmmm, says I. That's alcohol too. So, about an hour ago, Jack Daniels made an appearance during the evening news. That was when I decided I should ask you blogging pals if you are seeing alcohol - the hard stuff - on TV commercials in your area. Just wondering if the law had been changed, is all. It seems to be another incongruity of our laws, if, in fact. the law is still in effect. Personally, a little Bailey is right nice sometime and the ad reminded me that there's none in the house. I'd just like to know what the law says this week.