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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Today Betsy Newmark uses her page to bring together observations on the California Cluster from various writers' perspectives. I don't know how she covers so much ground - like the entire earth - and have a life of her own. But kudos to Betsy and thanks for all her work. As previously stated, Indigo Insights is redundant for the masses inasmuch as they are reading blogs from serious pundits. Indigo Insights is a place where my readers (mostly friends and family) can find paths to information they would otherwise miss. So please see the following from Betsy's Page. Visit the linked pages and read as much as you have time for.

Jill Stewart
Since at least 1997, the Times has been sitting on information that Gov. Gray Davis is an "office batterer" who has attacked female members of his staff, thrown objects at subservients and launched into red-faced fits, screaming the f-word until staffers cower. [Indigo: Juxtapose this to the "righteous indignation" Gov. Gray showed to tv cameras regarding Schwarzenegger's behavior.]

And Andrew Sullivan finds differences between Clinton and Arnold.
What's the difference, some ask? Item one: Clinton was faced with actual civil lawsuits, claiming sexual harrassment. Once private life gets dragged into the courts, the press has no option but to cover it. Item two: most of Clinton's sexual targets were women who worked for him or were under his direct authority. Some of Arnold's targets were on movie sets where he certainly had social power but where he was, as far as I know, not the owner or direct boss. Item three: none of Arnold's incidents involve actual sex, or exposure of sex organs, or alleged rape, whereas Clinton's did. Item four: Arnold has fessed up. Clinton lied under oath. Item five: Arnold hasn't exactly gone around saying he is a champion of women's rights and the dignity of women. Clinton did. Item six: all of Arnold's incidents were one-off. Clinton, for the most part, pursued the same women over time. That said, they're not entirely different. If Clinton hadn't had to deal with a lawsuit or two, I'd have had a very similar response. In fact, in the early days, I refused to cover the Gennifer Flowers stuff at the New Republic for exactly those reasons. But when the lawsuits occurred and the full extent of Clinton's abuse of public office for sexual harrassment purposes became clear, I think the situation changed. Clinton used state troopers and federal buildings to abuse and manipulate women. So far, Arnold has been a private citizen. Moreover, after the early Sixty Minutes interview where Clinton telegraphed that all this was over, I was more than happy to let this stuff pass (remember I endorsed Clinton in 1992). But it was when it was apparent that he had lied in that interview and continued his lies and sexual abuse in office that I realized we had a sociopath in the White House. So here's a promise: if Arnold gets elected and any of these incidents recur, I'll hammer him. Until then, his honesty, apology and promise get him a pass from me.

Dennis Miller says
Hey get this… I want to talk about voting. Since the recall in California is coming up, we’ll use that for purposes of our tutorial. The lesson to be learned is this: If you are too stupid to vote correctly, don’t vote!

Joseph Honig looks at how easy we make it in this country to have voter fraud.
In a nation with a long and storied tradition of election fraud -- from New York's Boss Tweed to Chicago's Richard J. Daley -- we are still an honor-system democracy. Here in California -- with millions of illegal residents among us -- registrars require no proof of United States citizenship. No birth certificates or naturalization papers.

Tammy Bruce, a former head of the Los Angeles branch of NOW, is appalled that women who defended Clinton's abuse of women are now so shocked by Schwarzenegger.

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