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Friday, October 03, 2003

Yesterday, I left a comment at Peoria Pundit, springboarding from the Rush Limbaugh bombshell, regarding prescription drug dependence. Still thinking about this societal problem this morning, I decided to paste my personal experience here on Indigo for my relatives who may not see Peoria Pundit. Ergo:

Prescription drug abuse is rampant in our country. A 40-year old friend of mine died last year 9 months after back surgery. One complication after another kept her on oxycontin so long that heavy dosage finally stopped her heart. She DID NOT have a heart attack. Nor was it an inadvertent OD. According to autopsy, her heart slowed down so much from the drug, that there was not enough oxygen getting pumped to keep her alive. Cause of death was "lung failure". It still makes me sad.
Posted by: Indigo on Oct 02, 03 | 5:00 pm


Found this on Mulatto Advocate. A good read. Thanks for the link, Robert.