Indigo Insights

Friday, March 12, 2004

>^..^< Yes, McGehee, if the reparation checks are going out alphabetically, I'll have to wait a while, but I want mine too!!!

>^..^< Anybody know where "Her" is these days?

>^..^< Another week has passed, and if the election were held today, Yellow Dog would still get my vote!!! The reason probably being that he doesn't growl so visciously over his bones as some others. I'm already S&T of vituperations. Yellow Dog conveys his stance with a sense of humor in lieu of venom. Just MO.

>^..^< If you don't know La Shawn Barber, then you really have no idea what a treat you're missing. She's what's happening, knowledgeable, and too cute to be staying indoors blogging!!! Check her out here and then get up to date with her. (no pun intended!)

>^..^< Always wished I had a brother.

>^..^< Baldilocks has contact information for condolences to the Spanish Embassy.

>^..^< Another day, another plethora of links to read at Betsy's Page. I don't know when this woman sleeps!

>^..^< The Deuddersun Dude has started his own blog!! He's wanting opinions. Go see.

>^..^< Reality Check links to one representative story of our wounded heroes. Read the article here. And remember it!

>^..^< Looks like the cat will get fed this week. Did you send any Purina?

>^..^< Need to know how to drive a tank? Learn here.