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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
(but not much!)

It seems I'm being chastised for not saying nice things about John Kerry on my blog. Truth is, I don't know many nice things about John Kerry. I hear lots of not-so-nice things about John Kerry that I do not mention on my blog, as well as not-so-nice things about George Bush that I do not mention. It's not my job to campaign here at Indigo Insights for either candidate. That said, I guess I'll just continue to link to other interesting bloggers who promote the man of their choice, and allow Indigo readers to evaluate and decide for themselves. My druthers would be a president who has the best interests of our military at heart. Our military men and women make it possible for the rest of us to continue to disagree and debate. Three great grandchildren make "peace" my greatest hope for the future - and that they will be speaking English when they give their graduation speeches.


I hopped out with my rifle to keep an eye on two large groups of men who seemed to be approaching us. I walked about twenty feet, then turned to my left to see what the man next to me was doing. That's when I realized there was nobody next to me, no one whose lead I could follow. I was by myself.

During our first conversation about going to Iraq, Kelly and I had talked about situations like this. It's one thing to believe in the principle of self-defense. Most people do. It's quite another to make the conscious decision to kill someone. Kelly had made it clear that I'd have to decide ahead of time whether I'd be willing. "Final confirmation of an attack usually comes in the form of injury to you," he'd said. "If you feel threatened, engage, up to and including lethal force." Survival means acting first. Hesitation equals death.

Read about USA "hired guns" in this lengthy, but edge-of-the-seat, "you are there" article by Tucker Carlson, writing about his trip to Baghdad as a civilian contractor. Thanks to Rivrdog for link.


>^..^< Nothing nice about Kerry here - so don't go there looking. But the pic does show his index finger bent instead of pointing and is much less intimidating! Link from Jen Martinez.

>^..^< Michael King is Rambling about something OTHER THAN Bush and Kerry -- so get over there ASAP. He says it's "Rambling". I say it's good sense. But I must remember to tell you, that's just MHO. WARNING: Do not continue to read past Professional Whining & Extortion for Fun and Profit or you will run into Bush/Kerry stuff.

>^..^< Wampum makes his points without sarcasm or mean-spirited name-calling. I can relate to that.

>^..^< Following excerpts from DU, Donnie says "I really want an interesting race this November, not a landslide for George Bush."

>^..^< Say Uncle is "Blogging About Blogging" and I wish someone had told me these things two years ago.

>^..^< Billy says: "War is a nasty business, but no matter which side you're on politically, I hope you'll do your part to support the fine young men and women of our military. One way you can help our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and National Guard volunteers is by donating books and/or money to" Visit the link and see how easy it is to help.

>^..^< LaShawn Barber knocks it out of the park yet again with Gospel of Oppression, and uses the famous quote from Booker T. Washington, also featured on The Mulatto Advocate.

>^..^< And I have to read Phllip Coons' blog to learn about this NC anomaly happening only 45 miles from where I live!!!! Unmarried Parents May Be Forced to Split


Two Iraqi spies met in a busy restaurant after they had successfully slipped into the U.S. The first spy starts addressing the other in Arabic. The second spy shushes him quickly and whispers, "Don't blow our cover! You're in America now! Speak Spanish."

[thanks to Jimmy, Ayden, NC]